A Growing Dislike for Binary-Only packages

Ok.  So I’m busy installing a commercial accounting package.  Or rather, “upgrading” from the GPL version to the “supported” version.  What a mess.  I once again remember why I so dislike proprietary software.  I run Gentoo Linux.  This means that pretty much _all_ the versions of everything is in flux on my systems, in other words, I may have tcl-8.5 on my system, or I may not (I might well have some other version).  Anyway, the point being that I’ve now got to _force_ versions of other packages to specific versions as _required_ by a single binary-only package on my system.

This is just not fair.  I feel violated.  Oh, and did I mention I spent more time already on making this binary-only set of packages work than what it took me to make the GPL version work?  What a shame the GPL version is no longer … I’d personally pay for the privilege of being able to use the source to install from rather than the binaries.

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