PS1 tips and tricks

September 1st, 2014

So two things have been bugging me off late, knowing if the previous command exited non-zero, and I’ve just now once too many times committed on the wrong git branch. The former question is easy enough to answer with “echo $?” and the latter with “git branch” before “git commit” – but lets be honest – how regularly do you really double check which branch you’re on?
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Asterisk – massively speeding up those REGISTER requests

August 1st, 2013

So recently I started bumping into an issue where I would see a buildup of traffic in the RX queue of asterisk’s SIP port 5060 (udp bound). After some scavenging of the code I quickly came to realize that asterisk only processes a single incoming SIP request (or response) at a time. So I cooked a rather crude patch (that I for the shame of it won’t share here) in an attempt to figure out what went wrong.
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apache+php-fpm – A site admin’s perspective

June 5th, 2013

Recently I posted a blog on using php-fpm combined with mod_proxy_fcgi instead of mod_php or one of the myriad of problematic mod_fcgi modules (I think there about three of them, the one worse than the next in my experience – although I’m pretty sure that somehow they do work). Some of my recommendations and mechanisms are very different from what people are used to, and does actually solve the 777 permissions issue, in a way that is even more secure and more fine grained than the typical recommendations, and actually closes the actual problem.
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Using php-fpm and mod_proxy_fcgi to optimize and secure LAMP servers

January 16th, 2013

So up until now I’ve been using mpm_itk or mpm_peruser – both with advantages and disadvantages in an attempt to secure web content. Both of these is essentially a forking mpm, kills Keepalive to a greater or lesser extent, and almost as important – neither is supported by mainline apache (so you’re on you own). Personally I prefer mpm_worker (or more recently mpm_event) since it’s threaded, and I find that it uses less resources (in terms of memory mostly). A lot of movement has also been happening with respect to FastCGI and the advantages are very good, both in terms of security and reliability (in theory).
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