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iCreate Web Hosting – false advertising

Friday, August 20th, 2010

Right, so after one more asshole spammed the living shit out of the TLUG forums (and yourselves truly had to go clean up) I got relatively angry. I decided it’s time to start exposing these folks for who they are and what they’re doing. Today, iCreate Web Hosting.

For starters – I would expect any “reputable” web hosting company to refrain from practices such as forum spam. I expect those kinds of unethical, moronic spam tactics from the likes who tries to sell viagra replacement drugs in an underground fashion. Not from a hosting company.

Secondly, when you consistently insist “Web Hosting Johannesburg” you are creating the impression that you’re hosting in JHB SA. In this case, it’s a lie. You’re reselling a product created by “The Planet” (who does happen to be reputable, and I’d recommend ALL of your clients to go directly to them), which is in fact NOT hosted in JHB, or even anywhere else locally, but in fact in Hueston Texas, then you also become a liar.

So Mr Francois la Cock (If that is even your real name, it does seem way too appropriate), who also seems to own iCreate Media, please stop your practices and become legit. It would seem that Ravenswood (Boksburg) sounds similar to Ravenholm (Half-Life II) for a reason.