iCreate Web Hosting – false advertising

Right, so after one more asshole spammed the living shit out of the TLUG forums (and yourselves truly had to go clean up) I got relatively angry. I decided it’s time to start exposing these folks for who they are and what they’re doing. Today, iCreate Web Hosting.

For starters – I would expect any “reputable” web hosting company to refrain from practices such as forum spam. I expect those kinds of unethical, moronic spam tactics from the likes who tries to sell viagra replacement drugs in an underground fashion. Not from a hosting company.

Secondly, when you consistently insist “Web Hosting Johannesburg” you are creating the impression that you’re hosting in JHB SA. In this case, it’s a lie. You’re reselling a product created by “The Planet” (who does happen to be reputable, and I’d recommend ALL of your clients to go directly to them), which is in fact NOT hosted in JHB, or even anywhere else locally, but in fact in Hueston Texas, then you also become a liar.

So Mr Francois la Cock (If that is even your real name, it does seem way too appropriate), who also seems to own iCreate Media, please stop your practices and become legit. It would seem that Ravenswood (Boksburg) sounds similar to Ravenholm (Half-Life II) for a reason.

One Response to “iCreate Web Hosting – false advertising”

  1. Dear Yourselves Truly,

    Thank you for taking your time writing a blog entry regarding my posts on your forum.

    I have a couple of questions regarding your post:

    1. I’ve never heard of Hueston, Texas? Where is that? Next to Houston, Texas?
    2. Yourselves Truly is not a common name? Is it German?
    3. How is Halflife II? Although I’ve never played it, I’ve certainly heard great things.
    4. Do you think they named Ravenholm after my neighbourhood – Ravenswood?
    5. How do you remove those white roll-on deodorant stains out of dark shirts?

    INTERESTING FACT: My company is real, and I am…. REAL!!! Oooooh! *Creepy music goes here*

    You should really look into having a nice theme designed for your blog instead of using the basic theme. You should spend some time on my website and have a look at my portfolio. I can design this for you, because as you’ll see on my portfolio, I am a wonderfully talented designer. My rates are reasonable and for you, Yourselves Truly, I will work out a special price as a thanks for this most generous post dedicated directly to me and my fantastic work. Also if you don’t want spam on your forum, you can contact me regarding a fantastic spam blocker.

    Ravenswood is a real neighborhood. Maybe when you take your next snack break from Halflife II, you should open Google Maps and type in Ravenswood, Boksburg. The server I use is in fact overseas in Houston, Texas. High 5 to you for spotting this, Mr Clever Eyes! However I’m based in Johannesburg and I give my support from here. I am straight with all my new clients that sign up and tell them that the servers are based overseas. My ads mention Jhb as that is where their support comes from. I feel that saying ”Web Hosting America” or “Texas” would not be the greatest move, as people will automatically think “Ugh, now I have to send an email to these guys and how long will I wait for a reply?” But if they see web hosting Jhb, they will think “Great! I can call them because I’ll be dealing with someone local.”

    I drew you a picture of a kite as a gift of apology. But I don’t know how to get it to you because your comment box doesn’t allow pictures to be added and I can’t find your email address anywhere? I didn’t spend much time looking for your details. As you see, Yourselves Truly, I am eating a piece of cake with my one hand and half heartedly typing with the other. Please send me your email address so that I can send you the apology picture. I can also make you one for your desktop background, so that every time you switch on your PC you think of me…. the fake person who was actually real!