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ibdriver and the 2.6.31 kernel (iBurst Linux drivers)

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

So in the 2.6.31 kernel the older (deprecated) network API finally got removed – biting quite a number of people rather badly. I can think of at two projects that’s problematic due to this:

1. The ibdriver package – used for the iBurst usb and pcmcia devices.
2. The dahdi 2.0.x drivers used for telephony in Asterisk.

The latter isn’t that serious a problem as I really need to move to dahdi-2.2.x anyway, the ibdriver however caused me some embarrasment as I plugged in the usb device, downloaded the drivers and … it didn’t compile. Oops. So I decided it’s time to return to some of my older roots and just make the driver work – and that’s exactly what I did.


Google supporting the bulls?

Friday, October 30th, 2009

So today we just could NOT resist the temptation to have some fun with couple odd Cheetah supporters in the office, and we decided the perfect target is … well, let’s just say a picture really can be worth a thousand words:


Well, that is what google looks like in our office today.