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A Growing Dislike for Binary-Only packages

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Ok.  So I’m busy installing a commercial accounting package.  Or rather, “upgrading” from the GPL version to the “supported” version.  What a mess.  I once again remember why I so dislike proprietary software.  I run Gentoo Linux.  This means that pretty much _all_ the versions of everything is in flux on my systems, in other words, I may have tcl-8.5 on my system, or I may not (I might well have some other version).  Anyway, the point being that I’ve now got to _force_ versions of other packages to specific versions as _required_ by a single binary-only package on my system.

This is just not fair.  I feel violated.  Oh, and did I mention I spent more time already on making this binary-only set of packages work than what it took me to make the GPL version work?  What a shame the GPL version is no longer … I’d personally pay for the privilege of being able to use the source to install from rather than the binaries.

VoIP Load Balancing over PPPoE links

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

I initially wanted to say over DSL, but then realized that that’s not quite appropriate since we’ve just actually completed the naïve approach making use of iBurst.  So on my way back home … I churned some ideas that I’d like to share (And log, before I forget them).  The ideas will build around the IAX/2 protocol as it’s much, much simpler, but the concepts should apply equally to SIP.  Obviously the ideal is to just get a bigger pipe …