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ibdriver and the 2.6.31 kernel (iBurst Linux drivers)

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

So in the 2.6.31 kernel the older (deprecated) network API finally got removed – biting quite a number of people rather badly. I can think of at two projects that’s problematic due to this:

1. The ibdriver package – used for the iBurst usb and pcmcia devices.
2. The dahdi 2.0.x drivers used for telephony in Asterisk.

The latter isn’t that serious a problem as I really need to move to dahdi-2.2.x anyway, the ibdriver however caused me some embarrasment as I plugged in the usb device, downloaded the drivers and … it didn’t compile. Oops. So I decided it’s time to return to some of my older roots and just make the driver work – and that’s exactly what I did.