Dealing with Internet Explorer …

Simple: Give up.

You heard me. Just give up. It absolutely has to be the worst browser I’ve ever had to deal with. I don’t know, there are lots of people using it, it’s a bulky browser, in my not so humble as it should be opinion, at the best of times. But when I start coding … well, it should just go away. And you can’t just ignore IE6 and 7 (IE 8 is a lot better than these two) because there are still too many people out there using old versions of IE. It’s a pain. I write some html, not a heck of a lot, and seeing that I’m using Linux to develop on accessing IE and testing with it is often a very out of my way process (not to mention illegal seeing that IE is bound to your copy of Windows and that without Windows you’re not actually allowed to use IE – at least, not as far as I understand). Grr, why must it be so broken? I can do html in a few minutes, and then often spend HOURS trying to make the most trivial of things work even remotely sanely in this piece of junk they call internet explode^H^Hrer.

End rant.

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