The Story of a Mugging

So I’ve got a weird, non-tech one today.

Monday afternoon one of my technicians got mugged, they took his cellphone and his company issued laptop. Yesterday I get a weird phone call. The technician. Informing me he found the laptop in a pawn shop, being sold for R4000. Apparently nobody managed to get the ULS sticker off so it was still stuck on the laptop for easy recognition. He got hold of the cops and even had the laptop returned to him yesterday. The cops are busy following the sales trail in an attempt to locate the perpetrator (They sound positive … apparently threatening to arrest people and throw them in jail until they co-operate is still effective). Total damage? Laptop bag and hard drive needs to be replaced. The hard drive because they replaced it for whatever reason (Amongst others probably because having Linux on a notebook is bad for saleability). The bag because it’s, well, gone.

One Response to “The Story of a Mugging”

  1. kdcoetzee says:

    If they only knew what power they stole.