The superflous subject line

So it’s that time of the day again where I try to figure out which emails I missed in the last two hours is important, and which I can ignore till 17:00. And this is what my INBOX looks like:

Re: [Fwd]
Re: Attention Steven
Fwd: Re:
Re: MyOwnCompanyName

Needless to say. I feel violated. No, the above is really not a massive over-exaggeration. The truth is I just skipped a few (three or four) entries with sane Subject lines. And it’s been a good day seeing that there was only about 10 missed emails in the two hours.

2 Responses to “The superflous subject line”

  1. sn says:

    Blank subject lines are an enormous frustration for me as well, especially when someone else replies/forwards it on _and doesn’t put one in_. Grr.

    Makes me want to configure the MTA to reject such e-mails and return them to the sender with “unable to deliver message, subject line required” or similar message, though that would probably make some of them just enter a single word that has nothing to do with the content of the e-mail…or worse, they call the support line. 🙁

  2. Shawn says:

    I believe you forgot my favorite:


    Please review the following unimportant crap that has nothing at all to do with you.

    Sandy Spamcastle