The correlation between network traffic, tea and lunch times

So I could for a long time now spot public holidays, weekends, and general stuff on network graphs, but never did I suspect I’d be able to detemine lunch and tea times based on network traffic graphs!  Anyway, check this one out:

VoIP Traffic Graph

VoIP Traffic Graph

One can clearly see the 10:00 tea time, then lunch at 13:00 and tea again at 15:00 before things start quieting down for the weekend at around 16:30.  Surprisingly there is still a decent amount of activity for a saturday :).

One Response to “The correlation between network traffic, tea and lunch times”

  1. Malcolm says:

    Now, on the other hand, me being in the real-time medical aid claiming industry, these are the times I see the higher volumes. People have to go somewhere during lunch, so why not to the pharmacy on the corner?

    Your loss is my gain.