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  1. thomas says:

    nice article! does this help speed up sip registrations with mysql realtime setup aswell?

  2. Jaco Kroon says:

    Thanks! I honestly don’t know, I’ve not used mysql realtime, but I suspect it should. As I understand it the registration data will be retrieved from mysql, but the actual registration data will be stored to astdb still (perhaps back to mysql too). So whilst I can’t vouch for the data going back to mysql (this would depend a LOT on the mysql configuration) the astdb portion should still benefit.

  3. seik0 says:

    Asked in #asterisk for experience on two asterisk instances on one machine and people pointed you as Experienced One =). But cannot find any other place to write to you.
    I need to run two asterisk in order to not depend on db-connections failure. Second asterisk will be very simple, processing (as proxy, mainly) 2 e1, so they shouldn’t interfere. But if you have experience in configure, I would be very happy to hear what I should know to run two asterisks.
    If you see my email – write please.

  4. Don Viszneki says:

    We’re seeing Asterisk consistently writing 200KB/s to disk (according to iotop’s “DISK WRITE” column and atop’s “wrdsk” column,) with bursts approaching 4MB/s. We have less than 60 SIP clients, and this morning we’re calling at a rate of about 145 calls per hour.

    This combined with a consumer-grade HDD and Linux MD RAID5, and we seem to have bound Asterisk performance by its disk i/o (that’s probably a first.)

    We’ve determined asterisk only had three files open for writing. Two were log files and showed little writing according to tail -f. The remaining one was astdb. This is what brought us to your blog 🙂

    Our dialplan is written by FreePBX and includes a lot of database operations.

    For those wondering: sqlite3 can backup a database with its “.backup” command, so that will keep your database integrity in-tact while doing a hot-copy.

    We’re going to give tmpfs a shot 🙂

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