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Currently, since January 2016, Jaco Kroon is the Technical Manager at Interexcel World Connection. Purchased by Ultimate Linux Solutions, now a group of companies. With goals in line of those of Ultimate Linux Solutions this was a natural progression.

Before January 2016 Jaco Kroon was the managing director of Ultimate Linux Solutions – a company he started in order to promote Linux based solutions.  He founded the company beginning of 2007 and has since grown it tremendously.  He’s got extensive experience with network management having being the lead technical person for the Computer Science Department at the University of Pretoria for a period of two years, maintaining a total of 12 Linux servers (various functionality requirements, including ldap, mail, web, proxy, shell and file servers) and approximately 500 Linux workstations (Computer Labs).

After his experiences at the University Jaco moved on to work at CSS Tirisano where he was part of a team maintaining (mostly) server hardware, including relatively big SAN installations based on the EMC series of CLARiiON devices and fiber switches.  He continued to assist 3rd party clients with mail servers (with permission from CSS) – most notably Interexcel.

During 2006 he worked for Netronome where he assisted with the development of various bits of software including firmware for one of the core products, as well as low-level TCP/IP work as well as SSL level intercept code.  It’s during this time that he realized that whilst he is absolutely crazy about development he also loves system administration and has a passion for networking and integration of technologies into a workable system.  It was in July of this year that he promised himself that by the end of the year he will be working for himself.

Jaco currently specializes in gateway solutions, and is also dabbling in quite a significant amount of Voice-over-IP technologies and Ultimate Linux Solutions now has a VoIP switch which is available to clients wishing to make use of the cost savings that VoIP can provide.  Whilst this is built on top Asterisk all the accounting and billing as well as routing functionality has been self-written, including the web interface available to clients and resellers.  His gateway servers currently include functionality such as proxy services, network-level capping, dhcp, mail services, radius access for wireless access points/routers as well as pptp servers.

During 2007 he turned down a few job offers, most notably an offer from Google in September.

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